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Kai Winding was one of the most important and influential jazz trombonists of the 20th century. His lyrical style and warm sound are unique in the recorded history of jazz music. He was a prolific composer and music arranger. His versatility and talent combined with a keen head for business made him one of the most successful musicians of his time.

Kaiís Horns

Kai Windingís daughter Michele (remember the tune, Michie?), has generously provided these pictures of some of her fatherís musical instruments. All of the trombones were custom made for Kai by the King Musical Instrument Company and were used regularly by him during his career. The Winding family has preserved them meticulously and regrets that the horns have been unused for several years.Kaiís daughter is extremely proud of these rare and historic instruments. A couple of the trombones have been passed on to musicians who cherish them as much as her father did.

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Kai Winding's Custom  King Liberty 2B  Trombone

This classic King 2B trombone was built for Kai in EastlakeOhio. The serial no. is 476151 which dates from 1972. Kai performed on this instrument often during his later years.

Kai Winding's Custom Blue King 2B


This trombone was custom made for Kai Winding and used often by him during the late sixties and early seventies. At the time, Kai was the Musical Director for Playboy International. Jeanne Winding says that at that time, this trombone was Kai's favorite. 

Kai's Custom Green King Trombone


This trombone is now in the possession of a serious trombone player and Kai Winding fan. It was custom made for Kai as part of a set created by the King company for Kai and J.J. Johnson. J.J.ís was lacquered black and can be seen on the cover of his LP record titled J.J.!


A little aside about the green trombone:

The Missing Slide
Kaiís King 3B trombone with F-attachment


This trombone was given to Kai Winding by the King company. Even faithful Kai fans didn't know he used one of these! 

Jeanne Winding remembers Kai using it on several recordings that required more versatility in terms of sound and range. Kai said the f-attachment allowed him to move around with greater ease in the low register.

King Four-Valve Euphonium


It is well known that Kai Winding used the unique instrument known as the trombonium with his trombone quartet as well as his famous association with J.J. Johnson. However, Kai preferred the warmer sound of the euphonium and used this instrument often in solo settings.

(According to Bill Watrous, long time friend of the Winding family and former member of Kaiís trombone quartet, Kai had a few tromboniums, but their present whereabouts are unknown.)

Kai's Horns
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Kai Photos

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